all saints church
All Saints Church

Ponsonby - Auckland

Original Architect
Prof. Richard Toy

Original Completed

Restoration Completed

Project Architect
Grant Harris
The most celebrated of Toy's churches of the latter 1950s and early 1960s, All Saints' is known for its combination of Maori and English references, with its wide gable and deep set entrance porch evoking a wharenui, and the entry forecourt, a marae atea.

The building has a reinforced concrete frame in conjunction with brick exterior walls.

HB Architecture was asked in 2007 to investigate the deterioration of the flat roof over rooms to the side of the building. Toy had used some very "progressive" building techniques including post-tensioned timber framing to construct this portion of the building. Unfortunately, the roofing material used (a substitution due to cost savings at the time of the original construction) had not performed and water had entered the roof structure. The water had caused the steel post tensioning rods to rust and expand causing the timber to rot, essentially rendering this part of the building unusable.

Careful demolition of the roof and associated structure was carried out; a new roof complying with current standards was constructed so that after the work was complete alteration of the building was not evident

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