blomfield special school
Blomfield Special School


May 2013

Project Director
Grant Harris

Blomfield is the sole special school in Northland, which provides holistic education for students who have intellectual disabilities and related physical challenges.

The brief was to design a safe, friendly environment for special needs students aged 16 to 21 to assist with the transition from school to the wider community.

The spaces within the building were required to cater for adult users whilst meeting the care requirements and providing the many specialist service needs specific to this type of facility.

The new building consists of a Kitchen, café, gym, laundry, hard tech room, textiles room, computer area and two multi purpose classrooms. This accommodates cooking, fitness and other important life skills from which the students can learn necessary skill sets for work and independence within the community.

Beyond the functional requirements, the building needed to be friendly yet sophisticated. Natural light and colour choice was an important factor in providing open calm spaces for students and teaching staff.

The new building was a welcome addition to the existing classrooms. It is admired by staff and students and will be well utilised by many future generations.

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