northcross church
Northcross Church

Browns Bay - Auckland

Project Architect
Grant Harris

Under Construction
Northcross Community Church is a fully independent autonomous local church. It has its roots in two families of churches, representing two streams of non-conformist tradition; the Christian (open) Brethren and the Baptist.

To cater for the increased number of people attending the worship services and other various activities the new auditorium was needed. Northcross is situated off East Coast Road and is surrounded by residential properties and a park.

The new facilities include an auditorium, foyer, additional toilets, small cafe, meeting areas and a small library. The new building integrates itself within the site and existing building by maintaining the same eave height while following the natural slope of the landscape. The roof of the new auditorium is then set back from the external wall to reduce the visual impact of the entire building.

The existing foyer has been opened up into the new large foyer to create a large internal transition space between the old and the new, which is a welcoming meet and greet space. The new auditorium will hold approximately 500 people and has been designed to optimise comfortable sight lines and viewing distances. The sound quality was also an important design consideration, built to maximise the acoustic performance and volume within the auditorium.

A circulation passage surrounds the auditorium providing independent access to the stage. This also creates a significant sound barrier between the auditorium and the outside of the building.

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