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”Design Treasures”

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”The Museum of Waitangi”

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”Te Kongahu/Museum of Waitangi”

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”ON TOP of the WORLD”

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”Knoll Ridge Cafe”

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"Knoll Ridge Cafe" (Knoll Ridge Cafe)

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"Dressed to impress" (Knoll Ridge Cafe)

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"TANZ AUF DEM VULKAN" (Knoll Ridge Cafe)

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"Knoll Ridge Cafe" (Knoll Ridge Cafe)

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"Sustainable Steel in Ski Resort Construction" (Knoll Ridge Cafe)

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"Waitangi Gateway" (Waitangi Gateway Building)

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"Cultural Journey" (Waitangi Gateway Building)

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"Deceptively complicated building actually quite easy to build" (Knoll Ridge Cafe)

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