st. andrews church
St. Andrews Church


Project Architect
Grant Harris

St Andrews Presbyterian Church has had a presence in Whangarei for over 100 years.

The existing timber gothic style church building was moved into its current location in the 1960's off the adjoining site where it had stood for decades and during this time was added too. During this period the existing hall, which adjoins the original church was constructed also.

These buildings (in their current configuration) have served the members and the general public well over the past 40 - 50 years but now there is a "vision" to expand the facilities to accommodate the potential needs of future generations.

The existing/original church is to be retained in its current location and will remain as the recognisable "symbol" of the churches presence on this site. The buildings to the rear of the church are to be removed to make way for the new facilities, which include:

New Auditorium for up to 450 people
Lounge and Youth Hall
Teaching Facilities
Associated Kitchen and Toilet Facilities
Staff Offices
Off street parking (basement level) with storage.

The concept involves the provision of a new entrance canopy, which will run down the side of the existing church. This is positioned so that the new entry roof will not impact the existing building. The canopy will connect to an "L" shaped building, which runs across the site (to accommodate the entry lobby and cafe) and continue the line of the existing church - extending this form to the rear of the site. This two-storey structure (over the basement car park) will accommodate the foyer, lounges, kitchen and toilets. The height of this building is similar the existing church.

Into this "L" is fitted the new auditorium, which also sit over the basement parking area.

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