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Whangarei District Council

Whangarei Town Basin

August 2011

Project Director
Ian Butt
HB Architecture, in conjunction with Whangarei District Council + Griffiths & Associates, has recently finished the redeveloped of the Town Basin into an arts precinct. The Whangarei Art Museum was relocated to the Town Basin along with a new information centre, bus terminal and additional public amenities.

The Town Basin has always played a significant part within Whangarei, popular with both locals and tourists alike. The Town Basins has become a popular icon for many, providing for retail, passive recreation and limited tourist/entertainment facilities.

The development has converted a space previously used for retail into the city’s new Art Museum. This is a continuation of the work completed by Butt Design Group in the mid 1990’s further developing the retail, restaurant and arts precinct into a new cultural hub.

The Art Museum contains two galleries with a total area of 670sqm + collection storage area of 120sqm. These spaces are fully temperature and humidity controlled to national gallery standard.

The addition of the new heritage walkway and sculpture park have helped to revitalize the town basin and has increased visitors to this previously underutilized area.

The development has sort to concentrate art and culture at the heart of Whangarei. The project has helped to enhance the existing public space located at the Town Basin and has already significantly boosted visitor numbers to the Whangarei Art Museum in the short time it has been open.

The new Art Museum will continue to attract locals and tourists alike further developing the relationship Whangarei City and distinctly the Town Basin has with tourism and the arts.

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