About HB Architecture

what drives us

Passion. Art. A new way of seeing.

As Director and Principal Architect of HB Architecture, Grant Harris has infused the business with his singular passion for architectural design. Grant’s extensive formal training and qualifications are outmatched only by his practical
experience; over 40 years of his life have been dedicated to the expression of art through architectural form, resulting in countless completed projects.

concept design

Where ideas take form.

We develop concepts that flow organically into function, allowing natural light, spatial dynamics and physical materials to champion our designs. This stage is comprised of two phases: the concept design and the preliminary design. We stay true to project parameters, while engaging artistic licence to achieve outstanding architectural concept designs.

We work with all materials, across all landscapes, for both commercial and residential projects. Our concepts are drawn from a deep understanding of both the principles of construction and the structural integrity of materials. Through knowing the boundaries of possibility, we are able to push the limits of creativity: we create achievable concept designs that break the constraints of tradition. Explore your possibilities with us.

developed design

From concept to reality.

Once a concept design is approved, we begin the second stage of our process, which contains two phases: developed design and detailed design. Developed designs require a high level of practicality, an in-depth understanding of construction principles and material strengths – and weaknesses. Once the developed design is complete, we move into the detailed design phase; to a practical blueprint for development. It is at this point that we achieve a greater understanding of how our concepts will integrate with the prescribed space, environment and materials. The concepts must be transposed into a working design for construction, and our architectural development team will ensure that nothing is lost in the translation, working closely with the chosen contractors to explore and explain the developed designs.


Observe. Report. Align.

As the concept develops, we gain an understanding of costs, materials, processes required, development stages and timing. Our knowledge in these areas allows us to effectively observe onsite construction to ensure the project is built in accordance with our drawings.

We offer our services in these areas to report on the build progress, breaking down material use and estimating the progression of cost, giving clients a realistic and time-sensitive outlay of progress.

We offer two services to bring projects to successful completion: observation and administration. Having created the original design framework for the construction process, our observation of development as it is occurring is invaluable.

We assist during construction should any deviation from the original design be required. Administration during the construction phase ensures the integrity of our designs from a fiscal standpoint, managing progress claims and monitoring the costing of variations. Observation and administration, seeing projects through to completion.