Knoll Ridge Cat Shed

Completed 2010


The original Knoll Ridge Cat Shed along with three snow groomers and an excavator were completely destroyed in the February 2009 arson attack, along with the original Knoll Ridge Chalet.

The top terminal of the Waterfall Express Chair-lift was also partially damaged the same time in a separate fire. Unfortunately neither the Chalet or the Cat Shed could be
reconstructed in time for the 2009 winter season and temporary facilities had to be
constructed at the Knoll Ridge level.

With replacement snow groomers on order from North America, a replacement workshop & housing facility was quickly needed for the 2010 winter season. RAL engaged Stanley Construction to provide a design / build service with HB Architecture providing the architectural services for the replacement of the Knoll Ridge Chalet and Cat Shed. The new cat shed began construction on precast floor panels that were brought in over snow
from the 2009 winter. LVL beams were then flown in and quickly erected the following summer to support the upper roof structure. Construction began with many of the components already prefabricated of site. The cat
shed was entirely assembled from a modular system of insulated sandwich panels. These were constructed from plywood and LVL before being delivered and stacked over the LVL frame by helicopter. The building was then finished with board and batten and profiled metal cladding.