Te Kakano

Completed 2016
Te Kakano is an essential first step in the realisation of the Hundertwasser Art Centre. This piece of sculptural architecture serves as a test bed for all the elements of the design, materials and construction needed to build the HAC. In respecting the work of Friedensreich Hundertwasser we decided to use the koru form (Flag for NZ 1983). HB Architecture took the design a step further and based the geometry of the architectural sculpture on the golden mean/ratio – this was significant as the form of the structure was to represent a universal idea which has inspired thinkers from all disciplines.
Through-out the design and construction process careful attention to detail was required. All aspects of the design were reviewed by the Foundation’s representative in NZ, with drawings and construction images then requiring approval from the Hundertwasser Foundation in Vienna.

To insert this object into one of the main attractions in Whangarei is an exceptional
achievement. This has only happened through the vision and perseverance of many volunteers. Te Kakano has been built whilst also raising over 80% of the funds for the actual art centre. Hundertwasser’s vision was to see an un-used building on the Hatea loop reinvigorated through the application significant interventions which represent the building being brought in line to respect nature – “living in harmony with nature”.

The sculpture is constructed out of concrete block, in-situ concrete, finished with plaster and tiles to the “Hundertwasser code for the Realisation of Hundertwasser Architecture