Kerry Reyburn

Associate, Senior Technician

Originally hailing from Whangarei, Kerry Reyburn has been involved in the building industry from a very early age. With his father a builder, and then a building officer, Kerry has worked as a draughtsman for over 30 years – more than 22 of those years with the team at HB Architecture.

Kerry’s extensive practical understanding of the technical building process provides an integral perspective to HB Architecture’s projects, and with his eye for detail and precision, Kerry offers both quality onsite observation and detailed drawings.

When not in the office, Kerry can be found out and about enjoying one of Northland’s many mountain bike tracks, or out camping, fishing and generally ‘getting away from it all’. As the current president of the Marsden Wheelers Road Cycling club, Kerry enjoys plenty of road cycling too; with a recent interest in running having prompted him to buy an entry into the 2019 New York Marathon.

Kerry’s current role within HB Architecture is quite varied, and sees him taking on not only the technical aspect of design work, but also producing quality drawings, onsite observation, and the overseeing of projects through to completion with contractors.This allows Kerry to see projects fully through, managing any issues that may arise during this process.

In his (nearly non-existent) free time, Kerry assists and coaches a Para-cyclist towards competing at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. Luckily, Kerry likes to be thorough in his work; and believes that keeping the pressure on actually improves his quality and output. With his current variety of projects including the Waitangi Treaty Grounds, Mt Ruapehu and other award-winning designs; Kerry finds the level of high profile work very rewarding to be involved with. Working on these great projects with a small dedicated team gives a personal connection with each project; and this is something that Kerry values very highly.