What a ride! We are back to Level One and the whole team at HB Architecture return back to the office.

During the lockdown, we continued to work from home. While this was challenging, we adapted with regular Zoom meetings (along with the rest of the world!) to ensure the planning of projects progressed as planned.

We’ve got exciting updates to share with you, including new projects added to our online portfolio and progress from the Hundertwasser Art Centre…

Design Spotlight: Balinese transformation

While the boarders remain closed, we’re instead traveling to this incredible Balinese inspired property, designed by HB Architecture and constructed by the team at Henley-Smith Construction.

Cedar cladding and band-sawn posts feature outside – with a plywood kitchen and solid timber bench tops carrying the coastal Balinese theme through to the interior. Transforming this once 1970’s farm cottage to what it proudly represents today.

Project Update: Hundertwasser Art Centre

While work halted during the lockdown, local construction company Trigg Construction, is working hard to complete core construction by the end of June.

Plus, an exciting update last week saw the ceramics that form part of the 12 columns (that will be a striking feature) arrive from Germany.

Colourful ceramic columns are a sculptural art form on all Hundertwasser buildings around the world. No two columns in the world are the same. Ceramic columns will also feature at the main entrance facing the Town Basin, on the roof supporting the tower verandah, and at the entrance to the loading bay off Dent Street.

The centre is due to open in late 2021.

We hope that you’ve enjoyed this quick look at some of our most recent projects.

We look forward to moving forward past the lockdown as New Zealand’s economy starts up again and sharing the progress of more exciting projects soon.

Grant Harris