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Northland Sports House

Completed 2010

The new offices for Sport Northland are located over the existing table tennis clubrooms at the northern end of the Kensington Sport Centre. The new building straddles the existing structure below – the legs of the portal frame are located outside the walls of the existing building with a single row of “props” through the centre of the existing ground floor space. The intension with this was to minimize the impact to the existing building. The new building has created a new roof to the existing building, which was in significant need of repair. The north face of the building is extensively glazed with horizontal louvers over. This allows for excellent natural light and retains the visual connection to the north. The conventional opening windows provide the opportunity for a naturally ventilated office space. Conventional construction methods were employed on the east and west sides of the building; these are both profiled sheet cladding with conventional window systems. The opening windows allow for natural cross ventilation and are shaded by high level sun louvers to minimize the effect of high level direct sun.